Dreams Could Come True

My much awaited Sunday, February 16, 2014! On this day, was when my greatest dream came true…

Once upon a time, I only wished that one day, I could get the chance to play with you.
When I finally made that dream come true, I made again a wish that one day I could join a tournament with you as my partner. Last Sunday, God grant my wish. You and I, played on the same side of the court!

My Sunday started early with us texting each other. 8:00 AM, I texted you good morning and asked what time are we going to meet up. You said you will leave your house at 8:30 so I immediately took a shower to be there on time. I asked you if you want me to grab anything for breakfast but it ended up the other way around, you bought me breakfast instead. You greeted me with a smile as I entered the court. You ask me if I wanted to eat but I said, maybe later. My tummy is not really comfortable taking any food before playing in a tournament and to my surprise, that’s exactly how you feel.

We started playing at around 9:30 AM, our first match against the winner from first game. We started slow, we were trailing behind by around 10 points. One of the line judges approached me and gave me a hint on how to beat them. I told you the plan and started catching up with them. We did great! Few smashes to the left, then to the right, a few dives and we were tied! On the last few service points, our opponents started feeling the tension and made one too many errors making us win the game! One down, 3 more matches to go.

A few minutes later, the game master called our names. Our next opponent was from another court. You told me that you know them. Just before our next game started, you told me that they were really good. I am sensing that you are a little nervous so I assured you, you were also good so just relax. Our game started. Same story, we started out slow and started making too many errors from service to receiving and returning the ball. We were constantly assuring each other that it’ll be okay. I prayed and prayed in between service. We cannot lose… We started being aggressive and started smashing the ball in every chance that we had. The game was so close, we beat them by 2 points. During the second half of that game, I twisted my ankle when I did a jump smash but I kept it to myself. I was in pain from that moment but I can’t show it. I don’t want you to worry and I don’t want you to lose hope. 2 down, 2 more matches.

Our 3rd match was against our friends. It was really crucial since their standing is 3-0 while our standing is 2-0. We need to beat them and it’s tough since we’re the underdogs. You were really nervous. You were already saying that they will beat us. I was just smiling and told you, are you just nervous or you’re too negative? It’s gonna be okay, don’t worry. Before our game started, my mom called me and told me how to defeat them. I told you about it and even jokingly said to our opponent that my mom prayed me over. To my surprise, just before we started, one of our opponent said that she felt like she needed to do number 2. I thought she was just joking but I was wrong. Our third game was really a walk in the park, they barely reached half of our score 16 – 35. Our friends were joking as if they were mad because we made them look bad.

Our 4th and final match is also crucial. We need to win to be the champion or even if we lose, we need to score more than 20 to secure our top spot. That was the toughest, not because our opponent was tough. It was tough because of all the pressure and all the pain that I am starting to feel. I lifted everything to God and He helped us make our 4th straight win! I wanted to hug you but my girlfriend was watching so I just did a high five with you and squeezed your hand.

My Sunday was truly amazing with my dream come true tournament and a bonus of sharing the stage and being the champion with YOU. My girlfriend was not looking very ecstatic about the whole thing but I’m sure she understands. I can’t blame her for feeling that way seeing me and my LTL doing the high fives, patting each others back, laughing and talking to each other, having our pictures and celebrating together. I was just so happy, actually, I am still in the 7th heaven up to this moment. I guess I won’t be tired of looking at our pictures and remembering all the details of that very special day.


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